Company MFA Policy: 

  1. 1. Log-in to Focus HQ 



  1. 2. Go to Company Profile page by clicking on the Edit icon at the right of the Company name. 



  1. 3. On the Company Profile page, click the “Edit” button at the Company Settings section. 


  1. 4. Within the Edit Company Settings page, click the link “Multi-factor Authentication Settings (MFA) 


  1. 5. You will be directed to the “Multi-factor Authentication Policy” screen. Initially, the Company MFA policy is set to “optional”.  If you want to change it to “mandatory”, you need to click the link that says “click here”. 


  1. 6. You will then be directed to the “Policy Readiness Status” screen. It will show the count of company members, how many (count and %) are already MFA enrolled vs. Users not yet MFA enrolled. The color of the Policy Readiness Status screen would vary: 

GREEN - All members have MFA 

AMBER - 10% of members or less do NOT have MFA OR, 10 members or fewer do NOT have MFA 

RED more than 10% of people do NOT have MFA OR, more than 10 people do NOT have MFA 


Note: If you proceed, this action will enforce MFA to all its members. It is best to contact any unenrolled company members before requiring MFA.  

Any unenrolled members will be required to enroll in MFA on their next login.  Any unenrolled members will be unable to use the system until they successfully enroll and login with MFA.  


To proceed, click “Change Policy” button. 


  1. 7. You will see a confirmation screen that MFA policy was successfully updated.