User-Level MFA Enrollment: 

  1. 1. Log-in to Focus HQ 


  1. 2. Go to User Profile, then click on “Enable multi-factor authentication” link. 



  1. 3. You will be directed to the Multi-Factor Authentication Settings page with instructions as to how MFA works including the requirement to install a MFA app on your mobile phone. 



  1. 4. If you don't have a MFA app yet, you need to install a MFA app on your mobile phone. A variety of options are available for iPhone, Android, and other platforms. The app must be compatible with the TOTP protocol (practically all of them are). Here are some free and popular choices: 

  • Authy 

  • 2FA Authenticator (2FAS.COM) 

  • LastPass Authenticator 

  • Microsoft Authenticator 

  • Google Authenticator 




  1. 5. On your mobile device, open Play Store (for Androids) or Apple Store (for iPhones). Install your chosen MFA app. Then create an account on the MFA app by putting in your (1) mobile phone number and (2) email address. Most apps would also ask you to set-up a back-up password. You will be sent a Verification code to fully set-up your account. 


  1. 6. Once MFA app is ready, go back to Focus HQ MFA Settings page and click on “Enrol in MFA” button. 






  1. 7. You will then be directed to the Scan QR Code screen where you will have to Click to reveal the QR code then scan it using the MFA app in your mobile phone. Then Click “Next button 



  1. 8. You will then be directed to the Enter 6-digit codes screen. 


Note: Enabling MFA will improve the security of your account by requiring you to enter a special 6-digit code using a compatible mobile app, in addition to your regular password. 
These codes are automatically generated and each one is only valid for a short period of time. 


These codes are time-based one-time passwords and your phone does not need an active network connection to generate them. However, the time on your device should be correct and accurate. 


This time, enter the two consecutive 6-digit codes you see from your MFA app (the current code that you see, and the one that comes next). Then click “Next”. 




  1. 9. You will then be directed to the “Recovery codes” screenClick “Reveal” to see the codes. Special recovery codes will be provided that you can use to access your account in case you do not have access to your mobile device for any reason. 


Note: For security reasons, recovery codes cannot be viewed again. You must click “Copy” or “Download” so you can save a copy of them. If you lose access to your MFA device and you don’t have the recovery codes, you will be unable to access your account. Each recovery code can only be used once. You can generate more of them later if you need.  


Click “Confirm” button. 



  1. 10. Then you will see Confirmation screen that you have successfully enrolled in MFA. 




Note: If user is already enrolled, the label on the User Profile will be "Multi-factor authentication settings (MFA)" 



  1. 11. The next time you will login, you will be asked to enter the MFA Code 


Note: For your convenience, you may tick the “Remember me” option during login which will remember your device and ask the MFA code less frequently.