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Hello Everyone, 


Focus HQ is pleased to share with you the latest application enhancements which are being progressively rolled out to all users over the next two weeks. 


Release changes - summary 

The latest version of Focus HQ includes the following new functionality and improvements: 

  1. 1. Company Terminology: Rename “User”  

  1. 2. Change Control: PDF Downloads  

  1. 3. Issue New Field: “Category” 

  1. 4. Schedule Table: Hideable WBS column 

  1. 5. Schedule Tasks: Assigned to Non-users 

  1. 6. Schedule CSV Import: Map a Single Column to Multiple Fields 

  1. 7. Quality Management: Establish link between Issue and Quality Management 

  1. 8. Reporting: Reporting Financials for the Previous Months 





Know more by checking this video: 




A more detailed description and guide of the changes is provided below for your reference. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact the Focus HQ Customer Support Team. 


Release changes  detailed 



  1. 1. Company Terminology: Rename User 


This enhancement allows users to rename Company level role names such as Project Manager, Portfolio Manager, Stakeholder, etc.  This means greater flexibility for a Company to name the fields accordingly and fit to their business use. 




  1. 2. Change Control > Change Control Details > PDF Download 


This update gives the ability to download a PDF file of a Change Request item on a Project. A PDF download button is added within the Change Request Item Details page.  





  1. 3. Issue: "Category" field added (similar to Risks) 


Within "Project Issue" module, this update allows users to assign a Category to an Issue item. 

  1. A. For project and portfolio level Issues  

  1. B. Same categories for Risks and Issues  

  1. C. Same functionality as Risk categories  

  1. D. It's a required field  

  1. E. Pre-existing Issues were given the "Other" category 

  1. F. Also displayed in: PDF & CSV downloads 





  1. 4. Project Schedule Table > Hideable WBS Column 


This update gives the ability to hide the WBS column from the Schedule data grid. This applies only to the visibility of the WBS and doesn't include reordering of the column. 




  1. 5. Schedule Tasks can be Assigned to Non-users 


This enhancement allows Projects to add non-users from both the Schedule Page and Resourcing Page.  This then allows assigning non-user as a resource to Schedule tasks. 




  1. 6. Schedule CSV Import > Map a Single Column to Multiple Fields 


Within 'Schedule CSV Import Mapping page', we’ve added the ability to select a single data column from your file to map to multiple data fields. This is useful for when many fields have the same values such as a numeric field being all zeros. 







  1. 7. Quality Management > Establish link between Issue and Quality Management 


This enhancement allows the user to connect a Quality Management Item to an Issue. This can be done within the “Add/Edit Issue page”. 




  1. 8. Reporting: Reporting Financials for the Previous Months  

Within the “Reporting: Detailed Costs section”, the period filter now defaults to the previous month.  



-End of Release Notes - 


Questions or Walkthrough: 


For any questions, or requests for a walkthrough, please reach out to us via the Focus HQ Help or send us an email to support@focushq.com.