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I. Company Role

Company RoleDescription
StakeholderStakeholders are individuals at the management/leadership level. They have a direct influence on the projects and are accountable for the project's success.
Portfolio ManagerA portfolio manager manages all projects that have an organisational wide scope, which may not be similar in nature but can also include various programs. For most businesses, the portfolio levels encompasses a similar structure to their organisational hierarchy or investment hierarchy. In FHQ, a portfolio manager can have access to all projects under his portfolio.
Program ManagerProgram managers oversee all projects that roll into their program. For most companies, programs are grouped by similar or related projects. However, they can also be grouped according to sub-departments and / or service type. For example, all projects pertaining to IT Efficiency can be rolled into one IT Efficiency program.
Project ManagerProject managers are leaders of a specific project. They report directly to the Program Managers, Portfolio and / or Stakeholders through weekly and monthly reporting. Project Managers are accountable for the delivery, report status', control scope and effective communication amongst team members.
Project ControlThe Project Control (or PMO) individuals assist with standardisation of project delivery, project lifecycle & stage gate approvals, centralised governance and other project functions. Companies can assign Project Controls by Portfolio's/Program's or assign to a company-wide PMO (if applicable).
Co- DependentCo-dependents are individuals who are impacted by project's delivery, resources, milestone dates and / or the outcomes of the project. A user is assigned as a Co-Dependent to gain visibility of a project and its progress.
Team MemberTeam members are individuals who play any part in delivering a project. Typically this encompasses subject matter experts (SME's), support teams and any other individuals who may not be suited to other available user roles.

II. Company Access Levels (customisable)

A Company Role will then be given appropriate access to Pipeline, Projects, Portfolios, etc. 

Company access levels are permission sets that allow members to perform different tasks within a company. By assigning company members to access levels, you determine the information they can see and actions they are allowed to perform. Focus HQ Access Levels can be "None", "View", or "Update" 

You can have "Update" access to Projects, but "View" access to Portfolios, or None to other modules.

Default access settings will be in place during the turn-over of the environment to the client but can be updated by client anytime.

See Focus HQ Default access levels settings below.



III. Admin 

An Admin is like an "ALL Update", Super-user access. Regardless if your access is "None", "View", or "Update" within Company Settings, the moment your user is tagged as ADMIN, you can already access/update anything within the environment. Currently, assigning a user as "Admin" can only be done back-end by the Focus HQ Support Team.