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Hello Everyone, 


Focus HQ is pleased to share with you the latest application enhancements which are being progressively rolled out to all users over the next two weeks. 


Release changes - summary 

The latest version of Focus HQ includes the following new functionality and improvements: 

  • 1. Action Tracking – more filtering options on the table 

  • 2.  Schedule CSV import – Automatic project date adjustment 

  • 3.  Schedule CSV import – Flexible date formats accepted 

  • 4.  Risks – ability to re-open resolved risks 

  • 5. Reports – Ability to turn off reports 

  • 6. Reports – Default value for 'Date To' field  

Know more by checking this video: 

A more detailed description and guide of the changes is provided below for your reference. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact the Focus HQ Customer Support Team. 


Release changes  detailed 

  1. 1. Action Tracking - more filtering options on the table 


The ability to filter 'Actions' table by "Type" in Action Tracking module. Type can be filtered by All, Action, Decision, Dependency, or Meeting.  




  1. 2. Schedule CSV Import - Automatic project date adjustment 


This is a new feature that has been added in importing schedule CSV. If one of the task dates is earlier than the project start date and if one of the task dates is later than the project end date, there will be a pop-up with prompt asking the user if he would like the project start date and end date to be adjusted according to the earliest/ latest task dates. 

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  1. 3. Schedule CSV import – Flexible date formats accepted 

In Schedule CSV Import, it allows the use of any date formats aside from dd/mm/yyyy. There are several date format options to choose from the dropdown during your Schedule CSV import. 


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  1. 4. Project Risks- Ability to Reopen Resolved Risks 

Users are now able to reopen Project Risk items even after they have been resolved. Risk Approvers can navigate to the Details Page of the resolved risk and approve the reopening of the risk – a prompt will appear for final confirmation. 





  1. 5. Reports - Ability to turn off reports 


Users have now the ability to turn off both Weekly and Monthly Reports without the requirement that at least ONE of them must be ON. This request will allow users to completely turn them off. 



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  1. 6. Reports - Default value for 'Date To' field 

In generating reports, the value for 'Date To' has now a default date and is set at the current date. This enhancement will help the users to generate a current report quickly. 


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-End of Release Notes - 


Questions or Walkthrough: 


For any questions, or request for a walkthrough, please reach out to us via the Focus HQ Help or send us an email to support@focushq.com.