1. Video

You can check the video for a walkthrough of how to Bulk Import Projects to Focus HQ.

2. Bulk Import Projects

1. Navigate to "Projects" from the Homepage. 

2. From the Projects Dashboard page, you click 'Bulk Import Projects' button on the upper right corner of the page.

3. Then, you will be redirected to the Import Screen.

4. Within the Import Screen, you can Download Sample Data for reference.

5. The CSV Project Import File columns needs to be populated with the below informations:

  • Code - Project ID
  • Stage - Stages should be based on the Company Profile Settings
  • Name - Project Name
  • Description - Project Description
  • Department - Department should be based on the Company Profile Settings
  • Category - Category should be based on the Company Profile Settings
  • Priority - Project Priority
  • Project Sponsor
  • Business Sponsor
  • Cost From
  • Cost To
  • Business Benefit
  • Project Type - Project Type should be based on the Company Profile Settings
  • Estimated Business Case
  • Ideation End - dd/mm/yyyy
  • Feasibility Start - dd/mm/yyyy
  • Feasibility End - dd/mm/yyyy
  • Planning Start - dd/mm/yyyy
  • Planning End - dd/mm/yyyy
  • Execution Start - dd/mm/yyyy
  • Execution End - dd/mm/yyyy
  • Key Milestone 1 - You can just populate this one column
  • Key Milestone 2
  • Key Milestone 3
  • Key Milestone 4
  • Key Milestone 5

6. Once information has been populated, Upload the CSV File and click Next

7. Once file is uploaded, you will be redirected to the Data Mapping page.

8. In the Saved Mapping dropdown , select Focus HQ Default Mapping.

9. Change Date Format to DD/MM/YYYY.

Note: Please do the mapping before changing the Date Format. When you change the Date Format first and do the Mapping the Date Format will revert back to its default setting.

10. Once file has been mapped, click Import.

11. Once file has been imported, click Approve.

12. Once completed, a pop - up notification appears if the project has been successfully imported.