At this point, you’ve already learned how to create Actions and set-up Meetings within Focus HQ, so let's talk less about a project context view and more about how you know what you need to do across multiple projects - In other words, your Personal Dashboard (we call it “My Dashboard”). 


Typically, you never just work on only one project at a time, you are across multiple and many times not just in the project management capacity – some you might be delivering, other you may be managing and a few you could be the quality reviewer for.

So, how do you know what tasks, actions and approvals are awaiting you to complete across all of these projects?


The only way this was possible was to open each of the 10 schedules individually, filter each one for tasks assigned to you and repeat for risks, issues, etc – not to mention searching your inbox for emailed meeting minutes with your name being mentioned.

Fortunately, Focus HQ helps you address each one of these items in order to save you time and optimize your everyday processes. The My Dashboard gives you a way to view and manage items that are only associated to you, not the entire project. 


How do you extract the most value from having your own Personal Dashboard? 

  1. Provide transparency to your stakeholders on if you are under or over utilized 

  2. Prioritize your work ahead of time (eg, for the day or week) by ensuring you complete each item that relates to projects critical to your organization 

  3. Immediate one-click navigation directly into each project to gain greater context of each item 

  4. Never walk into a meeting again being surprised there was an action assigned to you


Since “My Dashboard” provides you with a consolidated view of all items you own or are assigned to.  You can review the list and prioritize your work effort.

This way, you can attend to tasks that matters to you, get to them one by one quickly and then move on, from one project to another very smoothly 


You can check the video below on how to navigate to “My Dashboard”: 

Please also visit the Focus HQ Support Portal for more details: 


Feel free to explore Focus HQ’s My Dashboard by navigating through Homepage, then click My Dashboard tile. 


If you have any other questions, you can reach out to us via the Focus HQ Help or send us an email to  We’ll be happy to guide you in navigating through these and provide other valuable support links when needed.