Update Approved Opportunity (Phase 2)

1. Navigate to 'Projects' or 'Pipeline' page.

2. Filter the Stage to 'Approved Opportunity'.

3. Within the ‘Approved Opportunity’ page, go to ‘Filters’ section then click any of the projects that you want to update. 



4. Once you reach the ‘Pipeline Details’ page, go to ‘Project Details’ table then click the ‘Edit’ button.


5. Within the ‘Edit Project Opportunity’ page, add the necessary changes (Description, Department, Category, Project Sponsor, Business Sponsor, From Cost Range, To Cost Range, Business Benefits, Estimated Key Milestones, Opportunity Documents and Benefits Tracking Start Date).


6. Once done, tick the ‘box’ at the bottom of the form then click the ‘Update' button to save the updates made.