Adding a Dashboard Item- Portfolio Level (Custom Tile Reporting)

1. In the newly created dashboard section the in the dashboard tab, click ‘+ Item’ and select ‘Tile’ from the drop-down menu.


2. In the ‘Dashboard – Add Tile Item’ page, select Custom as the ‘Tile Type' from the drop-down list.



3. Add the Title of the Dashboard Tile item. Only 100 characters are allowed for the tile name.


4. Select the ‘Section’ to which the Dashboard Item will be displayed. 


5. Select the ‘Type’ from the drop-down list as shown in the image below.


6. Select the ‘Criteria’ from the drop down menu as seen in the image below. The criteria is a way of determining or measuring whether the actual output of the Dashboard is met or exceeded. 

NOTE: Criteria is only available under the Item Types Financial, Percentage, and Number.


7. Add the ‘Acceptable Band’ by entering the desired amount or value then select whether it is ‘Above’, ‘Middle’, or ‘Below’. This is dependent on the Criteria that was set. Then add a brief ‘Description’ of the Item. 


8. Set the ‘Periods’ and ‘Target’ manually. To add another period, click on the ‘+Add Period’ button at the bottom most part of the ‘Dashboard – Add Item’ page. By default, a single row of Period and Target has already been added.


9. To add period and targets using the import functionality, click on the ‘Sample Data’ button first to download a sample template to your local which can be used to fill out multiple periods and targets.




10. Once the template has been accomplished, click the ‘Import’ button beside the ‘Sample Data’ then choose the file from local drive and click ‘Upload’.



11. Once all the pre-requisite data has been accomplished, click the ‘Add Item’ button.