1. Data Table – Data Source by Period Data Table

1. In the newly created dashboard section the in the dashboard tab, click ‘+ Item’ and select ‘Data Table’ from the drop-down menu. 


2. In the ‘Table Type’ data field, select ‘Data Source by Period’. When selected, this allows the user to customize the data table from columns to rows.

3. Select the Data Source Period from the drop-down list. 

4. Select the Length from the drop-down list. The options that are available will be dependent on the Data Source Period selected so some of the choices will be greyed out and cannot be selected.

5. Select the Display from the drop-down list. This determines the scope of the data to be displayed in a monthly/ weekly basis depending on the Data Source Period selected. 

6. Add a ‘Title’ to the Data Table item. The title is limited only to 100 characters.


4. Select to which section you wish to add the Data Table in the ‘Section’ data field.



5. Ticking the ‘Exclude Total Row’ hides the Total Row data column. 



6. Add a description for the Data Table Item in the ‘Description’ field limited to 250 characters only. 


7. To group Data Table columns, click on ‘+ Add Group’. Name the group in the field provided limited only to 150 characters. Add a column or columns by clicking on the ‘+ Add Column’ button. 


8. Add a ‘Column Name’ limited to 150 characters. Then select the ‘Data Source (Actual)’ and Total Row Calculation from the drop-down list. The Total Row Calculation is visible if the Exclude Total Row checkbox is not ticked while this is not displayed when the Exclude Total Row checkbox is ticked.


  • NOTE: To re-arrange the Data Columns in a group, click on the three vertical dots icon found at the left part near the Column Name. Click and hold on this icon and drag the column either upwards or downwards. To delete or remove a column, click the 'x' icon at the right side of the column.


 9. Check how the data appears in the Table section. Once satisfied, click the Add Item button.