Set-up Project Close Initiator

1. Within the Company Profile, scroll down to the "Approver Responsibilities" section. This is the section where you can assign responsibility to a User. 

2. Once you’ve reached the "Approver Responsibilities" section, go to the ‘Project: Close Initiator’ Field. 


For the Responsibilities: ‘Project: Close Initiator’, each company role can be assigned as an initiator at a ‘Company level’, or ‘Project Specific’. To do this, click the dropdown menu and choose the appropriate data (E.g. Team Member can’t initiate a project closure, Portfolio Manager is the Project Close Initiator at a “Company Level”, and Project Manager is the Project Close Initiator at “Project Specific” Level). 


3. To make the "Project Department Approver" as the project close initiator, tick the checkbox provided. 



4. To remove an Initiator’s right from a Role, untick the box or choose “No” in the dropdown menu.