1. Add a New Knowledge Base Page


1. Below are the following ways to add a Knowledge Base ‘Page’:

  • Click the ‘Home’ tab from the left side bar then click the ‘+New Page’ button to add a new Knowledge Base ‘Page’.



  • Navigate to the Knowledge base Category or Sub-category then click on the ‘+New Page’ button to add a new Knowledge Base ‘Page’ (E.g. Training category).


2. Add the desired data of the mandatory fields. Once complete, click the ‘Add Page’ button.


    Below are the required fields when adding a Page:

  • Title – name of the document
  • Category – the category where the Knowledge Base Page belongs. One Page can be assigned to multiple categories and sub-categories
  • Content – the text contained in the document. In this field you can format your text.
  • Tags – words to associate the document. You can add any tags in the document.
  • Attachment – attach any supporting documents, screen shots or files to attach, allowing for more context around the topic. 
  • E.g. Adding a document under the ‘Knowledge Base’ Category.


3. Once done, the new ‘Page’ is saved within the ‘Knowledge Base’ Category.