1. Update Company Settings


1. Within the Company Profile, scroll to the ‘Company Details’ and then ‘Company Overview’ section. Click the ‘Edit’ button as shown below. 


2. Set the Company Currency by clicking the dropdown menu as shown below



3. Just below the currency section is where you can add another Cost Type. Click +Add New Cost Type’ and add the data in the input field 



4. To update the ‘Company Sponsor’ for all Projects (this is not the ‘Project Sponsor’), go to the input field and change ‘Business’ to an appropriate label (E.g. ‘Executive’ for executive sponsor, or ‘Business’ for Business Sponsor).  



5. Click the schedule dropdown menu to update the ‘Company Schedule’. Once done, choose the appropriate schedule (‘Months’ or ‘Weeks’) then enter the corresponding number in the input field.  



6. In order to update the ‘Country’ that the company is in, click the dropdown menu and choose the appropriate Country location 



7. The last input field is where you can update the ‘Timezone. Click the dropdown menu and choose the appropriate Timezone base on the Company’s location 

Once complete, click the ‘Update’ button to save changes.