Assign a Program Key User


1. To Assign a Key User of a Program, click the ‘Settings’ tab from the left side bar of the Program Page. Once done, navigate to the ‘Assigned Key Users’ section and then click the ‘+ New User’ button. 


This is where we can set different access levels to the Program members which gives them access to view needed modules and areas. It is important that every Program member has an access level that will support proper communication and reduce confusion based on the role or responsibility that they have.




2. Select a ‘Role’ and a ‘Member’ in the dropdown menu. Once done, select any of the following steps below:

  • Click the ‘Assign User’ button if you are not going to add another user
  • Click the ‘Assign User and Another’ button if you are going to add another user



  • You can add a user to 1 or more different roles.
  • You can't add a user more than once to the same role.



Below are the roles to be assigned to the newly added member. These roles have key responsibilities at the Program level:

  • Program Manager – Oversees the projects at a high-level Program level. Project PM's report status, and any issues, concerns, as well as regular updates on budget and schedule. 
  • Program Controls Manager – Responsible for change requests and standards management at the Program level.
  • Program Analyst – Responsible for metrics, tracking, and all analysis at a Program level and how the projects role up.