1. Update the Portfolio Budget

1. To update the ‘Portfolio Budget’, click the ‘Budget Management’ tab from the left side bar of the page. Once done, navigate to the ‘Portfolio Cost Summary’ and then click ‘Portfolio Budget’ button. 



2. Once you reach the Total Portfolio Budget page, click the ‘Update’ button. 


3. Start adding the necessary changes, once complete click the ‘Update Budget’ button to save changes. 


  • Within the 'Planned' section > Total Portfolio Budget’, you can ONLY update the current and future fields (all rows of periods / months that are 'Passed', become in-editable and cannot be changed
  • The Period Costs will need to pull in (for every period) the ‘plan’ and ‘actual’ from the Projects and ‘Portfolio OPEX’.
  • The Cumulative Costs for every row (for ‘plan’ and ‘actual’) will be previous Cumulative Cost + the Period Cost on the row


Portfolio Budget Status:

  • Pending - If Some of the Projects for this period has not Updated its Actual Period Cost
  • Up to Date – If All Projects’ Actual Period Cost are up to date
  • Period Not Finished – If Project Period not yet finished


4. Changes made will be reflected in the Portfolio Cost Summary table.