1. Project Type – Update Monthly Reporting Schedule


1. Within the Company Profile, navigate to the ‘Default Settings’ section then ‘Project Types’. This is the section where you can manage different ‘Project Types’.


2. Click the Project Type Name or the ‘Edit’ Icon.


 3. Once done, you will reach the Project Type Settings page. Scroll to the ‘Reporting Schedule’ section then ‘Monthly Reporting’


Click the ‘Edit’ button.


Note: Only Project Schedule Approvers can do this.


4. Set ‘Report Data’, ‘Send Schedule’, ‘On’ and ‘Time’. Click the ‘Update’ button to save changes.


Monthly Report data should be:

  • If set to ‘Previous Calendar Month’, we will get data from Start date of project to the last day of Previous Calendar Month
  • If set to ‘Last 30 days from Send Schedule’, we will get data from Start date to the last day of Last 30 days from Send Schedule