1. Project Types: Manage Project Role Responsibilities


1. Within the Company Profile, navigate to the ‘Default Settings’ section then ‘Project Types’. This is the section where you can manage different Project Types.


2. Click the Project Type Name or the ‘Edit’ Icon.


3. Once you have reached the Project Type Settings page, scroll to the ‘Project Roles Responsibilities’ section then ‘Roles Responsibilities’. Click the dropdown menu and then assign a User Role to their corresponding access rights for various modules within the project (E.g. Stakeholder can Update Project Reports). Below are the dropdown menu options:

  • ‘Update’ – a User Role can view and make changes to modules assigned
  • ‘View’ – a User Role can only view modules
  • ‘None’ – a User Role can’t view or update any modules


Note: ‘Project: Overview’ can only be viewed.