1. Project Types: Manage Project Approver Responsibilities                                   


1. Within the Company Profile, navigate to the ‘Default Settings’ section then ‘Project Types’. This is the section where you can manage different ‘Project Types’.


2. Click the Project Type Name or the ‘Edit’ Icon.


3. Once done, you will reach the Project Type Settings page. Scroll to the ‘Project Approvers Responsibilities’ section then ‘Approver Responsibilities’

  • Tick the checkboxes to make a Role an Approver to various modules
  • Untick the checkboxes to remove an Approver’s right from a Role

Note: There should be at least 1 Approver for each Responsibilities

Responsibilities includes the following below:

  • Project: Schedule Approver
  • Project: Risk Approver
  • Project: Issue Approver
  • Project: Budget Approver
  • Project: Change Control Approver
  • Project: Quality Man Approver
  • Project: KPI Approver