1. Add a New Report


1. To add a Company’s Report  (‘Weekly’, ‘Monthly’ or ‘Adhoc’), click the ‘+ New Report’ button at the top right corner of the page. 



  1. 2. Select report options of the mandatory fields in the form. Once complete, click the ‘Generate Report’ button to save new report.

Below are the following required fields when creating a Report: 

  • Project – the projects to which this Report is associated to. 
  • Report Template – depending on the period it should be distinguished as: 
    Weekly – reports that provide previous weeks updates 
    Monthly – reports that provide months progress 
    Custom – reporting that is as needed to assist in urgent communication and defined within the Project Settings 
  • Date To – the time ranged of data that the created report will display until. This time range should be clear and concise so people know the time period being reviewed. 
  • Send Schedule – the report data will allow a customised send date for any Adhoc report so that the reports can be sent around other projects in the business or to cater to particular parts of the project having adequate time to be updated (e.g., Actual Period Costs). 
  • Work Stream  
  • Email To – who are the recipients of the report. Reports can and often go to multiple people or roles to ensure everyone gets the same communication and that duplicate effort on multiple communications do not occur. 



3. You can also add another recipients that are internal or external to the project. To do that, click the ‘+ Add New Recipient’ link then enter email address. Once done, click the ‘Generate Report’ to save changes. 



Note: To update a ‘Report’, go to the Project Reports section.