1. Project Type – Add a Custom Report Template

1. Within the Company Profile, scroll to the ‘Default Settings’ section then ‘Project Types’. This is the section where you can manage different ‘Project Types’.


Click the name of the Project Type that you want to update.


2. Once done, you will reach the Project Type Settings page. Scroll to the ‘Report Templates’ section then ‘Custom Templates’. Click the ‘+ New Template’ button to add a custom template.


Note: In Project Type Settings, you can only add a New Template for ‘Adhoc Reports’. Default Templates on the other hand can only be updated.


3. Set the ‘Template Name’, ‘Repeats’, ‘Start Date’, ‘End Date’ and ‘Time’ to complete template details.


Template details contains sections of the Project that you wanted to be displayed on the Report. It is important to add any piece that helps further explain the report or adds additional context.


4. Once Template details are complete, scroll to the ‘Email Notifications’ section. Tick/untick checkboxes to enable/disable sending of Report Notifications (per Key Role).


5. To add more elements to the report template, click the ‘+ Add Section’ link. Click on the desired element within the ‘Modules’ or ‘Appendices’ sections. 


You can re-arrange Report sections to your desired sequence by moving the Drag and Drop ‘+’ icon as shown below.


6. After adding the elements, click the ‘Update’ button to save changes.