1. Request a Team Member Performance Review

1. Within the Evaluations page, navigate to the Team Member Performance’ section. Click the ‘Member is not reviewed. Click to request a review’ link as shown below (E.g. Request a review for Mary Moro). 


Note: Only Users with global access to Evaluations can request a team member performance review   



2. Fill in the required fields in Member Review Form. Once complete, click the ‘Submit’ button to save review request.

Below are the required fields: 

  • Reviewer Name – the full name of the person who is to review the Member. This helps PM identify the person on the project and helps in communication. 
  • Reviewer Email – the current and working email address for the Reviewer to be used for communication 
  • Reviewed Role – what role the member is to be reviewed for 
  • Reviewed Year – for what year the member review corresponds to 
  • Subject Line  subject of the request 
  • Reviewer Comment – request details for the Reviewer 


3. Once submitted, Review Request is added in the ‘Member Review Requests’ section with a Pending status.