1. Add a New My Coaching Request

  1. 1. Within the ‘My Coaching’ section, click on the ‘Overview’ tab from the side bar. Once done, click on the + New Request button.  This is the section where can add user request 



  1. 2. Fill in the mandatory fields then click on the ‘Add Request’ button to successfully save request. 

  1. Below are the mandatory fields in adding My Coaching Request: 

  • Project Name – the Project Name that the conversation pertains to, allowing PM to relate it back to the project at a later time if needed. 
  • Module – this assists in categorizing and ensuring the content of the request can be tied back to specific sections. 
  • Title – needed to allow the PM Coach to easily identify what the conversation is in regards to. 
  • Topic – allows the PM Coach to relate it back to certain methodology or concept. 
  • Message – allows the conversation to be better understood to get correct questions answered. 
  • Attachments – attach any supporting documents, screenshots or files to attach, allowing for more context around the topic. Please take note that you can add up to 5 Attachments. 



  1. 3. All new requests will be added to ‘Open Request’ status.