Add a New Program Adhoc Report

1. Go to the ‘Program Reporting’ section by clicking the ‘Reporting’ tab from the left side bar of the page then click the ‘+ New Report’ button. All reports added will be Adhoc.



2. Set the mandatory fields in the report form.

Below are the Mandatory fields:

  • Report Template –  set this field to ‘Weekly Report’ or ‘Monthly Report’.
  • Date To – the time range of data that the created report will display until. This time range should be clear and concise so people know the time period being reported on.
  • Send Schedule –  a report can have a set or customized send schedule to any day or time of the week, or any week of the month. This is so that the reports can be sent at around other portfolios or projects in the company or to cater to pre-organized status meetings.
  • Department – all the departments that are associated to this company. This is typically determined when completing the HR plan. Every department that is impacted by changes of the project, or would have input into it should be included as to ensure there is no downstream negative effect.
  • Project Category – Category of the project to describe the high-level focus of the project. Having the category defined allows the PM to understand what section of the company the project falls under, assisting with opportunities and portfolio pipeline management.
  • Email To – who are the recipients of the report. Reports can and often go to multiple people or roles to ensure everyone gets the same communication and that duplicate effort on multiple communications do not occur.


If you want to add another recipient that is external or internal to the project, click on the ‘+ Add Another Recipient’ link and then add the ‘Email Address’ of the recipient.

Once complete, click the ‘Generate Report’ button.


3. Once Report is generated it will be saved in the Reporting Section.