Add a New Program

  1. 1. Click the ‘+ New Program’ button at the top right corner of the Program Dashboard.



  1. 2. Scroll to the ‘General Information’ section and then fill in the required fields: ‘Name’‘Currency’‘Country’ and ‘Time Zone’ (E.g. Program Name: Victoria Region). 



  1. 3. To assign Members to a Program, scroll to the ‘Key Roles’ section. Add ‘Program Role’ and ‘Member’ by clicking the dropdown menu. Once complete, click the ‘Add Member’ button (E.g. Hazel Pacaldo will be assign as a ‘Program Analyst’ to this program). 


    If there’s no member assignment to this Role, tick the box beside ‘No Program Analyst(s) will be assigned.



  1. 4. Once all Members are assigned, navigate to the ‘Project Allocation’ section to assign related Projects to the Program. Click the Project Dropdown Menu and select a project, if there are more than one project related, click the ‘+ New Project Opportunity’ link. Once done, click the ‘Add Project’ button to save updates. 


    The project will be saved in the table as shown below: 



  1. 5. Once the ‘General Information’‘Key Roles’ and ‘Project Allocation’ are all setup, click the ‘Setup Program’ button page to add the new Program successfully.