Program Milestone Trend Calculation

To check the ‘Program Milestone Trend, click the Milestone tab from the left side bar of the Program page. Once done, hover over the Milestone Trend Icon located at the top right of the page.



  • (Total Days of WBS 'x' the 'Planned %') MINUS (Total Days of WBS 'x' the 'Actual %')  

  • THEN (SUM ALL of WBS1 Levels Variances together) = 'Total Variance (days)' 

  • THEN Divide 'Total Variance (days)' by (SUM ALL WBS1 'days') = Score (%) 

NOTE: These MUST ONLY include WBS 1 

E.g. WBS1 and WBS2, but NOT using WBS1.2.1, WBS1.2.3, WBSs1.4, WBS2.5, etc. 


IMPORTANT: If it is the 'Current Period' it updates dynamically ALL Schedule task WBS level 1 of ALL Project belong to Programs (include Project Closed) 


Check the Milestone Trend Calculation below: