1. How to Close a Portfolio


1. Within the Portfolio Dashboard, select the Portfolio that will be closed by clicking on the Name. 



2. Navigate the Program ‘Settings’ tab located in the left side bar of the page. Once done, click the ‘x Close Portfolio’ button located at the upper right corner of the page. 



3. To successfully close a Portfolio, make sure that all of the ‘Portfolio Close Checklist (Automatic)’ and the ‘Portfolio Reporting Checklists’ are 100% completed. The checklist helps ensure that everything is properly met and meets PM/company standards before officially closed out. If there are items not resolved, the PM needs to resolve prior to closing the portfolio. 


Portfolio close-out occurs only when all criteria are met and nothing outstanding is left including: 

  • There are no currently open projects 

  • There are no scheduled pipeline projects 

  • There are no future external activities 

  • All Portfolio OPEX planned periods have actuals 

  • Stakeholders and managers all approve the portfolio closure 




4. Below is a sample Portfolio Close-Out Setup.