1. Add a New Portfolio

1. Within the Portfolio Dashboard, click the ‘+ New Portfolio button at the top right corner of the page. 

The Portfolio set up phase very important for basic management of a portfolio of projects within the company. Something as simple as incorrect reporting schedules within a project can cause delays, breakdown in communication, and additional risks/issues to a project. All of the information within the setup is critical to manage projects that have been identified and need to be managed at the portfolio level.



2. Once you reach the Portfolio Set-up page, scroll to the ‘General Information’ section and then fill in the required fields‘Name’‘Currency’‘Country’ and ‘Time Zone’. This is the section where you can add the details of the Portfolio (E.g. Portfolio Name: Global Transformation) 



3. To assign Members to a Portfolio, scroll to the ‘Key Roles’ section. Select the Portfolio Role’ and ‘Member’ by clicking the dropdown menu. Once complete, click the ‘Add Member’ button (E.g. Ray Claro will be assign as a ‘Portfolio Manager’ to this portfolio). 



Assigned roles for the Portfolio: 

  • Portfolio Manager - Person overseeing all projects under the portfolio 
  • Portfolio Control Manager - Person in charge of change requests at a portfolio level 
  • Portfolio Analyst - Person in charge of analyzing work at the portfolio level 

Note: All roles should have at least one Member assigned.

4. Then navigate to the Portfolio/Project Allocation’ sectionSelect the Portfolio/Project’ and then the Project Name by clicking the Dropdown Menu  as shown below. 

If there are more than one Project or Portfolio related, click the ‘+ New Project Opportunity’ link and then add the desired data. 

Once done, click the ‘Add Project/Portfolio button to save updates. 

Note: The user setting up the Portfolio can only select projects they are assigned as a ‘Portfolio Manager’: 
  • For Projects to be assigned to a Portfolio, they need to have the same Currency 
  • Only projects that are at the stages of ‘Full Kitting’‘Ready to Start’ or ‘Live Project’ can be assigned to a portfolio 
  • If the project is in Full Kitting or Ready to start and does not have a currency, it cannot be assigned to any portfolio 
  • If a project is already assigned to a portfolio, it cannot be assigned to another portfolio at the same time 





5. Click the ‘+ New Project Opportunity’ link to add up a Project Opportunity  in the Portfolio. Once done, describe the Opportunity by filling up the required fields as shown below. 

Below are the required fields:

Project NameDepartmentCategoryProject SponsorProject Owner SupportFrom Cost RangeTo Cost RangeBusiness BenefitsEstimated Key Milestones and Opportunity Documents 

After filling up the required fields, go to the ‘New Opportunity Checklist’ and then tick the desired checklist(s).  

Once complete, click the ‘Add Project’ button to save changes. 



6. After adding Portfolios/Projects’, the ‘Management Budget’ section will be updated. This is the section where you can manage the budget allocation for the Portfolio. 




7. Go to the ‘Portfolio Setup Checklist’ section and then tick the checklist. 



8. Once ‘General Information’‘Key Roles’‘Portfolio/Project Allocation’‘Management Budget’ and ‘Portfolio Setup Checklist’ are set up, click the ‘Setup Portfolio’ button to save changes.