1. Pipeline New Opportunity Navigation Guide

New Opportunity is a new project or initiative that needs to be analysed and assessed. The review will look at information such as the estimated cost/time of the effort and the potential benefit of completing the project. It is important to provide as much information that is needed/ known for an accurate review. 

To launch Pipeline 'New Opportunity' page:
  1. Click for instructions on how to locate the pipeline dashboard based on project status (e.g. Planning Project or Execution Project).
  2. Select the ‘New Opportunity’ project from the data table list.



To access Budget Home Page view or update access must be granted. 


1.1  Download CSV or PDF

  1. Within the ‘Opportunity’ page, go to ‘Filters’ table and click the ‘download’ icon. Once done, select a file format to download: ‘Download CSV’ and ‘Download PDF'.

1.2 Filter New Opportunity by Project Sponsor

Project Sponsor: Sponsor of the Project is the person who is in charge of the project from a leadership perspective and has influence over the project and direct ‘ownership of the area’. Sponsor can help remove roadblocks and issues, as well as provide guidance & resources. 

1. To filter the ‘New Opportunity’ projects by Project Sponsor, click the ‘Sponsor’ dropdown menu and then select the desired data to display. 

Note: You can update the Project Sponsor by clicking the ‘New Opportunity’ project. Navigate to the Edit’ page and then update the Project Sponsor field.


1.3 Filter New Opportunity by Project Category

Project Category: Category of the project to describe the high level focus of the project. Having the category defined allows the PM to understand what section of the company the project falls under, assisting with opportunities and portfolio pipeline management. 

1. In the ‘Opportunity’ page, navigate to ‘Filters’ table and click the ‘Category’ category dropdown menu. Once done, select desired data to display. 


Note: To set/update the ‘Project Category’, click a Project within the ‘Opportunity’ page. Navigate to the ‘Edit’ page and then update the Project Category field. 

1.4 Search a Project Name

1. To search for the project name, navigate to ‘Filters’ table within the ‘Opportunity’. Go to ‘Search’ field and type in the name of ‘Pipeline Project’. Once done, click the ‘Magnifying Glass’ icon or press ENTER.