1. How to Add Project Documents

1. Once a project is selected, go to the left sidebar and click the ‘Documents’ module. Once done, click the ‘+Document’ tile.


2. Within the ‘New Document’ page, input ‘ Document Name’  and ‘Document URL’. Once done, click the ‘Add Document’ button to save the data.


  • Document Name – - The Name of the Document that was added for the Project. The document name should clearly explain what the file or folder is about and how it pertains to the project. That way it is easier to find the files needed when searching.

  • Document URL – - The Location of the Document or Folder in a hyperlink path when available. If it is not able to be hyperlinked a step by step path should be outlined so anyone can find it.

  • Last Update – - The last changes to the file name or path that occurred in the document. This helps in tracking and knowing when the file was last changed in the tool or updates to a document may occur. Without having this, it could add confusion as to what file is the most up to date or accurate.