1. Add a New Portfolio Issue


1. To add an ‘Issue’ within a Portfolio, click the ‘Issue Management’ tab from the left side bar of the page. Once done, click the ‘+ New Issue’ button as shown below.



2. Fill in the required fields. Once complete, click the ‘Add Issue’ button.


Below are the required fields:

  • Project – The particular Project that the individual Issue is associated to. Important to tie the issue to the specific project under the portfolio.
  • Issue ID – The unique ID associated to the issue. Unique ID's are original and cannot be duplicated to ensure proper catalogue of issues tracking for org book of knowledge.
  • Issue Name – Short Title that outlines what the issue is and its impact. The name should include 3 pieces the 'what', the 'how', and the 'impact'.
  • Issue Description – Detailed outline regarding the specifics of the issue, how it was found, other members involved, etc. This should contain any relevant information for the issue so that anyone reviewing the document can fully understand the issue, and everything associated with it.
  • Quality Management – Connect a current issue that is occurring with a review item in Quality Management.
  • Work Stream 
  • End Date – What date should the issue be closed by. This is determined by the quality management team and is based on priority level, resolution plan, and availability of resources to mitigate issue
  • Owner – Who is the owner for closing this issue (can only be one owner). This person is in charge of ensuring the issue gets mitigated by the desired date and that the resolution plan did mitigate the issue. Owner should follow up with quality management team 
  • Participants 
  • Resolution Plan – Summaries' the issue resolution plan, how it will be implemented, when it will be implemented, and any resources or needs the plan will require to be successful.


3. If the User who created the Issue is an Approver, the Issue will be automatically approved and will be reflected in the ‘Issue Register’ section. This action sends an Email Notification to all users set to receive a notification if an Issue is added to the Project.

Note: Be aware that the created Issue will be added to the Project that is indicated on the Issue creation. 


If the User who created the Issue is not an Approver, it will send an Approval notification to the Approvers.