1. Video

You can check the video for a walkthrough of how to add a Change Control Request within the Project.

2. Create a New Change Control Request

1. Once you reach the ‘Change Control’ section, click the ‘+New Change’ icon to add a new Change Control Request.



2. Fill in all required fields (Start Date, Description, Change Control Type, Work Stream, Time Impact, Cost Impact, Change Benefit, No Change Impact, Remarks). Then click the ‘Add Change’ button to save the details.


When creating a Change Control Request make sure you selected the correct type. 

Below are the two types of Change Control:

  • Scope Change - you can change the schedule’s baseline and forecast end date. You can also change any current and future Baseline and Forecast cost in the budget. It changes the baseline budget of the project and does not absorb the project’s contingency.


  • Contingency Change - you can only change the schedule’s forecast end date and forecast cost in the budget. Contingency does not change the baseline budget, it only allocates contingency and overspending.



  • If the User who created the Change Control Request is not an Approver, it will be reflected in the ‘Pending Change Controls’ table. (This action sends an Approval Request Email Notification to the Approver/s and action is added in the Project Actions Audit and Overall Actions Log).


  • If the User who created the Change Control Request is an Approver, it will be approved automatically. The request will be populated in the Live Change Control section. (This action sends an Email Notification to all users set to receive notification for a Change Control Added and action is added to the Project Notifications and Overall Notifications Log).