1. Complete a Deliverable Manually

1. From the ‘Project Dashboard’ section, click on the Name of the Project that you want to manage.


2. Click ‘Deliverables’ tab from the sidebar and then click the Deliverable that you want to complete.


3. After clicking you will reach the Deliverables Details page, within the page, click on the ‘Update’ button.


4. Update the necessary fields to complete a Deliverable: ‘Completion Status’, ‘Deliverable Status’.

Note: To complete a Deliverable, Completion Status should be ‘100%’ and Deliverable Status should be ‘Completed’. You can also add up some inputs in the Quality Assessment and Notes to support the completion status.



Below are the criteria for Completion Status: 

  • %            Completion Status Description
  • 0%          Product identified but work on deliverable has not commenced yet.
  • 25%        Work in progress to deliver the first Draft for internal peer review. 
  • 50%        Completed the first Draft for internal peer review.
  • 75%        Submitted final product for quality review and approval
  • 100%       Complete


Additional Notes:

  • Actual 'End Date' turns red when date is past 'Todays Date'
  • Colours from 'Status' column also display in the first column (only colours, not text)
  • On Target = Green
  • Delayed = Red
  • Expected Delay = Yellow