1. Create a New KPI within a Project

1. Navigate to the Project ‘KPIs’ page by clicking the ‘KPIs’ tab from the left sidebar of the page. Once done, click the ‘+New KPI’ button.



KPI Type: 

  • Schedule- KPI that tracks the project schedule
  • Financial- Metrics that measure the cost and expense of the project
  • Quality- Metrics that measure any qualitative info or defects of the product
  • Training- Metrics that show education metrics, or comprehension to the deliverable or final product
  • Change- Any metrics that measure approved change requests
  • Other- Any metrics that do not fall in the above categories

The threshold set for worst case for each KPI by the type of KPI being measured. Schedule should be measured by time, Financial should be measured by expense cost, and any other type should be set by qualitative or quantitative data.

2. Once you reach the  ‘New KPI’ page, input desired data in the required fields (KPI Type, Stretch, Target, Threshold, KPI Title, KPI Description) then click ‘Add KPI’ button to save data.