1. How to Add Project Key Users


1. To Assign a Key User to a Project, click the ‘Settings’ tab from the left side bar of the Project Page. Once done, navigate to the ‘Assigned Key Users’ section and then click the ‘+ New User’ button.



These are the Roles that can be filled in the project:

  •  ‘Stakeholder(s)’ – All Key Stakeholders Users within this project. Key stakeholders are management/leadership with direct influence to the project or will be impacted by the project
  • ‘Portfolio Manager’ – All Portfolio Manager Users within this project. A portfolio manager manages all projects that role into the programs that go into the portfolio. For most businesses, the portfolio encompasses all projects for the entire company.
  • ‘Program Manager’ – All Program Manager Users within this project. Program managers oversee all projects that role into their program. For most companies, programs are separated by department So for example, all projects pertaining to IT will role to one IT program which is managed by the program manager
  • ‘Project Manager’ – All Project Manager Users within this project. Project manager leads the specific project and reports to the sponsors and program manager to provide status updates and get assistance when needed
  • Project Control’ – A control manager generally assists with standards and timelines for projects. Most companies incorporate this function in a PMO office
  • ‘Co-Dependent’ – All Co-Dependent Users within this project. Co-dependant users are anyone impacted by the project or outcomes of the project
  • ‘Team Members’ – All Team Member Users within this Project. Team members are anyone who will play a part in the project include SME and ad-hoc members


 2. Select a ‘Role’ and a ‘Member’ in the dropdown menu. Once done, select any of the following steps below

  • Click the ‘Assign User’ button if you are not going to add another user
  • Click the ‘Assign User and Another’ button if you are going to add another user



  • You can add a user to 1 or more different roles.
  • You can't add a user more than once to the same role.