1. Edit Project Activities

Note: There are two types of activities:

  • If the type is ‘Automatic’ you have to go to the ‘Schedule’ tab from the sidebar. Right click the activity and start adding the necessary changes. You can only mark WBS 2 and higher as an activity.
  • If the type is ‘Manual’, proceed to the steps below.


 1.  To edit Project ‘Activities’, click the Project Name (E.g. ‘Runway Start-Up 1 – Agile Project’) in the Project

Dashboard as shown below.


 2.  Scroll to the ‘Activities’ tab from the sidebar and click the specific ‘Activity’ that you want to edit.


 3.  Click the ‘Update’ button at the Upper right portion of the page.

4.  Start Adding the necessary changes in the input fields then click the ‘Update Activity’ button.
      The changes made are now saved.