1. Delete Project Schedule Tasks

1. Depending on the project phase (Phase 3 Kick-off or Phase 4 Execution) navigate to either ‘Pipeline’ or ‘All Project’ Tiles and select the project from the ‘Project Dashboard’ section.


2. To select the schedule to be updated, click ‘Schedule’ Module from the sidebar then navigate to ‘Project Schedule’ and select either ‘Pipeline or Execution Schedule’ from dropdown list on Toolbar.   


Important Note: 

  • If project has not been created with Kick-off Start and End dates, this box will not appear on the toolbar and default is Execution Schedule only.
  • Pipeline Schedule can only be updated during Phase 3 Kick-off.


3. To ‘Delete’ existing tasks place cursor on the field to be deleted and select one of the following options:

  •  Keyboard ‘Delete’ key
  • ‘Toolbar’ click on delete icon “Rubbish Bin’
  • ‘Right click’ mouse and pop up box will appear, select Delete 

                    Mark or Unmark as a Deliverable, Activity or Milestone

                    Select Edit Task Details, update via Task Information fields