1. Manage Project Schedule Tasks

1. Depending on the project phase (Phase 3 Kick-off or Phase 4 Execution) navigate to either ‘Pipeline’ or ‘All Project’ Tiles and select the ‘Project’ from the ‘Project Dashboard’ section




2. Once redirected to the Project, select the schedule to be updated by clicking ‘Schedule’ tab from the                sidebar  then navigate to ‘Project Schedule’ and select either ‘Pipeline or Execution Schedule’ from                    dropdown list on.  Toolbar.    




       Important Note: 

  • If project has not been created with Kick-off Start and End dates, this box will not appear on the toolbar and default is Execution Schedule only.
  • Pipeline Schedule can only be updated during Phase 3 Kick-off.
  • All new tasks created are with Task Mode of ‘Auto’


3. To ‘Insert’ a schedule task, Click on the ‘+New Task’ icon on the toolbar.   The dropdown list provides the               options available. Note: The dropdown list varies between Pipeline and Execution Schedules.


            Helpful Hint: - Keyboard shortcut key ‘Insert’ will add new task below task selected







4. New Tasks and Milestones are created with default Task Name ‘New Task’ and default ‘Start and End Date’     equal to either Project start date or dates from the task immediate above. Milestone Tasks are created with default of 0 days and Child tasks created with default of 1 day. All tasks are created with auto task filter user and will need to be changed if manual is required.