1. Project Schedule Module Introduction


The Project Schedule module is split into four sections:


  1. Project Dates - Controls the start and finish dates of the Project Schedule
  2. Overall Project Status - Status bar displaying how the project is tracking against plan
  3. Project Schedule - Project schedule both Grid and Gantt Chart views
  4. Milestone Summary - Table of all tasks marked as milestones



  • Create individual schedule for planning and Mobilisation Phase (Pipeline Schedule) and Project Delivery (Execution Schedule)
  • Option to update directly in Project Focus HQ or update external project plan like Microsoft Project or Excel and upload into Project Focus HQ via CSV file
  • Tasks within the schedule can be automatically tagged as Project Milestones, Portfolio Milestones, Deliverables and/or Activities
  • Each task can be assigned to resources, connected as a predecessor, attributed to an appropriate WBS Level, and compared a baseline to actuals
  • A schedule that is readily available to all project resources ensures collaboration, teams updating their own tasks and real-time feedback
  • Project Focus HQ automatically rolls-up schedules to various levels (Company Level, Portfolio Level, Sub Portfolio Level and Project Level).