All Projects Dashboard


Generally, Users only able to view projects they are assigned to as a key user, unless the company has provided all project access at company role level.

To view the ‘Project Dashboard’ :

  1. From the Company Home Page click on ‘All Project’ tile or 
  2. Select ‘Projects’ from the drop down list located next to the word ‘Home’ on the task bar. The name here will always display the current location, e.g. Portfolios, Projects, Programs, Pipeline.  

Locate project:

Once project appears in the dashboard list:

  • Click on the project name to be redirected to the project overview module page.


If unable to locate project, generally implies project is not in execution phase and project and need to check the following dashboard to locate project.

  • Access Pipeline Projects – project creation and planning in progress has not reached Execution Phase.
  • Access Closed Projects – project delivery phase and benefits phase completed.
  • Access Benefits Tracking Projects – project delivery phase completed and now in Benefits Tracking phase.