1. Video

You can check the video for a walkthrough of the Project Budget module.

You can also check this video on how to upload Cost Items within the Project.

2. Project Budget Module Navigation Guide

Project financial costs are managed in the project’s Budget Module. The Budget Module is where project baseline, forecast and actuals (known as financial cost entries) are added and easily managed. Project Managers are able to monitor and control expenditure from start to finish by recording all costs on a monthly basis and easily identify how actual and forecast expenditure is tracking against target baseline expected expenditure. This will allow the Project Manager to take action as needed.

The Budget Home page is the default once the user has navigated to the Budget Module within the selected project. All data is sourced from the current saved financial data for the project. The purpose of the home page is to provide a read only dashboard view of the project budget financial position and the means to navigate to other pages to add or update budget cost dashboard of the project budget financial data.

Dashboard view includes the following: 

  1. Cost Summary Section
  2. Cost Performance Chart
  3. Detail Cost Table
  • To launch Project Budget Home Page:
    1. Access the relevant project.  Click for instructions on how to locate the project dashboard based on project status (e.g. Planning Project or Execution Project).
    2. Select ‘Budget’ from the sidebar menu.



To access Budget Home Page view or update access must be granted. 


2.1 Cost Summary

The Cost Summary section is based on current financial month data when home page is launched. It provides high level overview on how expenditure to date (actual) and expected future expenditure (forecast) is tracking against the overall total budget (baseline).

  • The Cost Summary Section can be downloaded to CSV or PDF via the 3-line icon
  • The edit icon allows the user to input Baseline Contingency values in amount or in % for Planning projects only.
  • The Cost Summary Section is available for project status reports.


2.2 Cost Performance 

The Cost Performance displays the project monthly costs in a graphic view to allow a visual display of trends, variations, averages, etc. The default display is monthly costs for the project from start to finish.

The following options are available to change the display of the data:

  • Filter the ‘selection period’ displayed by changing the ‘From and To Dates’ or dragging the blue bar below the graph to the required dates.
  • Filter which ‘cost elements/types’ are to be displayed (e.g. baseline, forecast, actual) by clicking on the cost element at the base of the graph type to remove or include.
  • The Cost Performance graph can be printed or downloaded based on selection criteria, click here for instructions.


2.3 Detail Cost

The Detailed Cost table provides the following functionality:

  1. Displays detailed breakdown of each budget cost item. The default display is current month.  The following options are available to change the display of the data:
  • Filter the ‘select period’ displayed by selecting the month or financial year required from the dropdown list. Options include past, current or future months/financial years.
  • Filter which cost ‘type’ is to be displayed (e.g. CAPEX, OPEX).
  • To ‘search’, input text in the search field and click the magnifying glass icon (or press ENTER key).
  • To 'sort' cost items via ID, WBS and Cost Types, click the arrows
  • The Detail Cost table can be downloaded based on selection criteria, click here for instructions.


        2. To select/remove columns in the Cost Table, click the ⚙ gear icon. Then tick/untick the columns you want to 


  3. Navigate to add a new cost item via the ‘+ New Cost’ button located in the right-hand corner of the Detail Cost table.

  • To add a new cost item, click here for instructions.

  4. Navigate to view and update existing project financial cost entries

  • To update a cost item, click here for instructions.

2.4 Upload Cost

The ‘Upload Cost’ button located in the right-hand corner of the Budget Home page will direct the user to the Budget – CSV Import Details page to bulk import project cost data. The Upload Cost button is only visible to users with Project Budget Approver access.

To import bulk budget data via CSV, click here for instructions.