1. Project Budget Update Actual Cost Item

Actual costs updates are inputted one month in arrears, based on actual financial data from the financial system. Historical data can be changed at any time, should there be a change in the financial system spending.


  • Access the relevant project.  Click for instructions on how to locate the project dashboard based on project status (e.g. Planning Project or Execution Project).
  • Select ‘Budget’ from the sidebar menu.
  • Navigate to ‘Detailed Cost’ table.
  • Click on the ‘Budget Item ID’ of the cost to be updated to navigate to the Budget – Cost Details page


  • Click on the ‘Update’ button within the ‘Budget – Cost Details’ page.

  • Once navigated to the Update Cost page, enter the monthly forecast values within the ‘Actual Cost’ field.
  • Click ‘Update Cost’ to save the details.