1. Video

You can check this video for how to add a New Cost Item within the Project.

You can check the video for a walkthrough on the Project Budget Add New Cost Item via CSV Import.

2. Project Budget Add New Cost Item


To access ADD Budget Cost Items, Budget Module Update access must be granted.


  • Access the relevant project.  Click for instructions on how to locate the project dashboard based on project status (e.g. Planning Project or Execution Project).
  • Select ‘Budget’ from the sidebar menu.
  • Navigate to ‘Detailed Cost’ table.
  • Click on ‘+ New Cost’ to navigate to the Budget – New Cost page.


If + New Cost’ field is not available, either access to add had not been granted or the Scope Change Request has not been approved.



  • Once navigated to the ‘New Cost’ page, populate the mandatory (*) Baseline Cost details.
  • The Change Request (B) fields need to be populated for Execution Projects only.
    • Select ‘Change Control Request number’ from drop-down list, and enter in Scope Change field ‘$ amount.’ Multiple cost items can be added against the same request until all funds are allocated.
  • If unsure of data required for each field either utilise the Glossary or hover over the information icon next to the field label.
  • By default, only the first cost period is displayed. Click on the ‘Add Cost Period’ button to extend the budget time period.
  • Enter the monthly baseline cost within the ‘Baseline Cost’ field.
  • Click Add Cost’ to save the details.


  • Once saved, the Forecast Cost fields will be populated from the Baseline Costs and the Actual Cost fields will also be available for any updates. Continue to update Baseline, Forecast and Actuals until satisfied correct.

  • When the budget item is accepted, the new Budget’ item will be added in the list.

3. Project Budget Add New Cost Item via CSV

Ensure the CSV file for adding a new project cost item has been created with all mandatory fields populated (see example below) click here to review full template table.


  • Change Request (B) Change ID and Value are only required if project is in Execution Phase.
  • Recommendation for Existing Data Handling Type is ‘Skip Existing Items, Add New Items’ if only importing new cost item.


  • To import CSV, click here for Project Budget CSV Import Process instructions.